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Family Frustrations: Linda’s Sisters Share 15-Year Struggle for Answers

Editor’s Note: This is the third episode in Season 3 of Break the Case. Listen to the first episode.

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In the third episode, Jen and George talk to two more of Linda’s sisters, Dianna and Rochell. Linda’s older sister, Dianna, shares memories of Linda through the years, including the time they roomed together, shortly before Linda entered the Navy. Dianna also recalls some of her last phone conversations and emails with Linda in the days leading up to the murder.

For 15 years, Linda’s mother and siblings have never stopped searching for answers about her murder.

Listeners also hear from Linda’s sister, Rochell, who visited the crime scene shortly after the fire. She shares what she saw inside the burned house and some odd items strewn through the yard. She also shares an unsettling encounter with an unknown man.

The investigation is progressing. After nearly 15 years of fighting for more information, the family finally received Linda’s autopsy report. Hear Dianna and Rochell’s reactions to the information in this report that is strikingly different than what officials told the family over the years about the severity of Linda’s injuries.

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Jennifer Bucholtz

Jennifer Bucholtz is a former U.S. Army Counterintelligence Agent and a decorated veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. She holds a bachelor of science in criminal justice, a master of arts in criminal justice and a master of science in forensic sciences. Bucholtz has an extensive background in U.S. military and Department of Defense counterintelligence operations. Bucholtz has also worked for the Arizona Department of Corrections and Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in New York City. She is currently an adjunct faculty member and teaches courses in criminal justice and forensic sciences. Additionally, she is a sworn civilian investigator for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department and host of AMU’s investigative podcast Break the Case. You can contact her at

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