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April 30, 2023 marked the 15-year anniversary of Linda Malcom’s murder. AMU investigators Jennifer Bucholtz and George Jared traveled to Port Orchard to join four of Linda’s sisters, Cindy, Dianna, Rochell, and Sherry, to commemorate this solemn milestone.

During their trip, Jen and George arranged to meet with Port Orchard Police Department. Upon arrival, they were pleasantly surprised to be introduced to three new investigators from the FBI and state-level attorney’s office, who had been solicited by local police to provide investigative assistance on Linda’s case.

Jen and George were joined by Linda’s family in Port Orchard on April 30 to commemorate the 15-year anniversary of her murder. Image used with permission by J. Bucholtz.

In addition, Jen and George also learned the police department had applied for, and received, financial grants to fund extensive, high-tech DNA testing on evidence from Linda’s case.

As part of their effort to spread the word on Linda’s case in the community, Jen, George and Linda’s sisters sat down for an interview with local news media journalist, Elisha Meyer. You can read his article in the Kitsap Daily News.

They also hosted several public events including a presentation and meet-and-greet, where community members were invited to join, in order to build renewed interest in Linda’s case. Hear reaction from Linda’s family as they learn police are really “sinking their teeth” into solving Linda’s case.

Listen to the episode to hear more about the incredible progress on Linda’s case and the renewed hope among Linda’s family member that her killer will soon be identified and brought to justice.

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The investigation is on. Learn what was happening in the days leading up to Linda Malcom’s murder including her plans to move the next day, a strange purchase in the hours before her murder, her last known whereabouts, and an out-of-character email she sent to all of her siblings just hours before she was murdered.