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This is the twelfth episode in a podcast series following the investigation into the murder of Rebekah Gould. Start with Episode 01.

Listen to Episode 12:

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In this episode, hear clips of William Miller’s interview with police in November 2020, 16 years after Rebekah Gould’s murder.

Arkansas Police Special Agent Mike McNeil (L) interviews William “Billy” Miller in November 2020.

Arkansas Police Special Agent Mike McNeil traveled to Cottage Grove, Oregon to interview Miller who had been unable to return to his job in the Philippines because of COVID-19 restrictions. These audio clips include Miller’s attempt to convince police he was not involved in the murder, but he eventually ends up confessing to police that he killed Rebekah Gould. (Watch the entire police interview.)

This episode also includes insight from Jen and George after they spent a considerable amount of time sifting through the case file. What new information did they learn about the crime scene? What questions do they still have about this case?

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