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Jihadi Forums Discuss Assassination

By William Tucker

A popular Jihadist web forum has been hosting a thread discussing the utility of assassinating U.S. political and military leaders. Also among the possible targets are executives of defense contractors – specifically those involved with manufacturing unmanned aircraft. The thread appeared shortly after notorious al-Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn published a video in which he calls on Muslims to carry out lone wolf style terrorist attacks. In the video, Gadahn specifically mentions the mass shooting at Ft. Hood as an example. Members posting to the thread built upon Gadahn’s statement by suggesting the use of mail bombs to target specific individuals.

The use of assassination by al-Qaeda, al-Qaeda linked groups, or sympathizers is nothing new. This most recent threat should be carefully considered, however. Unlike the President and some other high ranking politicians, not all CEO’s or political officials have a dedicated personal protection team. This doesn’t mean that a lone wolf that has managed to acquire a firearm will ultimately be successful in an assassination, but some do get lucky. As I stated in the aftermath of the mass shooting that targeted Congressman Giffords, there are measures that individuals can take to protect themselves. This includes consulting regularly with law enforcement, or implementing active shooter plans.

Video: ABC News

Photo from a Jihadist forum via Internet Haganah

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