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Get Out of Your Pajamas, Be Productive

pjs-lazy-motivationOne of the beauties of online education is you do not need to spend time preparing and commuting to a physical classroom. Initially, it can feel liberating to sit around in your pajamas (or whatever it is you wear) and do your schoolwork. However, over time, the pajama thing gets old and will promote slothfulness.

You feel like you might be different, but many students struggle with the concept of being lazy in one aspect of their life while trying to be diligent in another. Hence, I rarely do schoolwork without getting fully dressed for my day. This includes putting on enough clothes and shoes, so that I could walk out the door unembarrassed if I had to do so. I also shower, shave, and brush my teeth. Hygiene is part of preparation.

So what is the big deal? What is the point of online schooling if I still have to get dressed up? Well, consider that when you are in your pajamas and barefoot, your brain and body are preconditioned for sleeping or being a coach potato. Now you will spend time consciously pushing your mind and body to forget that just because you are in your lounging clothes that it is time for serious work. Try it and take notice. Tell yourself that when you are in your pajamas that you want to do something other than sit around, play games, or sleep.

When it is time for online schooling, get dressed. The last thing you need is another distraction. Set your mind and body in the right direction. You will be more productive.

By Scott Manning
Online Learning Tips, Student Contributor

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