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Disaster Response Planning Guidebook: Free Online Resource

By Anthony S. Mangeri

Emergency management agencies have a critical role in restoring stability in times of crisis, but they cannot do this alone. Disaster response, recovery and resiliency require participation by the whole community. By engaging residents and private sector stakeholders, emergency managers can build teams that are ready to protect their communities from diverse threats and build resilience and sustainability.

American Military University, in collaboration with, created a free digital magazine for emergency managers, government officials, and others involved with preparing for and responding to large-scale incidents in their community.

In this eMagazine, we cover the importance of collaboration across federal, state and local organizations to prepare for modern-day challenges like protests, public health epidemics, and natural disasters. We also explore the impact of new technologies and social media on the emergency management field.

We hope that these articles will provide government and public safety leaders with a renewed perspective of the most important elements of preparedness in today’s environment.

To download AMU’s Disaster Response Planning Guidebook, please fill out the form below.

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