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Counter-Terror Events and Alerts From Around the World

20 June 2007 London: Anti-war protests are scheduled for 10 AM in Parliament Square. This demonstration is a protest against possible future military actions aimed at Iran.
Peace Strike, the group sponsoring this event, has previously attempted to serve a citizen’s arrest warrant on Great on Britain’s PM Tony Blair. (Also see 23 June 2007)
22 June 2007 Quebec City: The GUERRE À LA GUERRE coalition has called for the disruption of military ceremonies that are to occur prior to the Afghanistan deployment of the Royal 22nd Regiment of Valcartier. The group has planned “a day of disruptive actions.”
23 – 28 June 2007 London: An Anti-war Camp is scheduled to be conducted in Parliament Square. This unauthorized demonstration (no parade/demonstration permit has been obtained) is intended to influence incoming British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The focus of the demonstrations is the Trident nuclear submarine project, the war in Iraq, and the potential for conflict with Iran.
Peace Strike, the group sponsoring this event, has previously attempted to serve a citizen’s arrest warrant on Great on Britain’s PM Tony Blair. (Also see 20 June 2007). The unauthorized nature of this demonstration will likely produce street disorder as police take enforcement actions.
24 June 2007 Los Angeles: ANSWER is sponsoring a mass march for immigrant rights in Los Angeles. The theme is “. A strong and united movement for immigrant rights will bolster the overall struggle for civil rights and against racism.” ANSWER events typically include mass civil disobedience.
27 June – 1 July 2007 Atlanta, GA: The United States Social Forum (USSF) is dedicated to opposing United States policies and actions within the country and abroad. They will be holding a conference in Atlanta to discuss various issues and to build an action calendar for the next year. The Forum includes “anti-imperialism” and anti-war groups. TAM-C analysts expect the USSF to focus attention on the Iraq war through legal demonstrations.
28 June – 3 July 2007 Glen Woods, Scotland: Protests targeting the Faslane Trident nuclear submarine base are scheduled. Billed as a “student camp”, it will include protests and direct action.
29 June 2007 Montreal: Anarchy groups will be demonstrating their anger at the CN Railroad and their support of Indian activists who state that the railroad was built a stolen indigenous people’s land.
30 June 2007 London: A Gay Pride parade is scheduled to start on Baker Street at 1 PM. This even will end with a rally in Trafalgar Square. Parade organizers expect anti-gay protests along the parade route .
30 June 2007 Leeds, UK: The World Development Movement will be holding a training/educational program at the University of Leeds. The program, aimed at anti-establishment groups from across the world, is entitled “Whose Rules Rule?” Although this is billed as an educational program, TAM-C analysts expect “anti-globalization” protests in the area.
30 June 2007 London: In preparation for protests at August’s Climate Action Camp, British ecological activists are conducting a day of Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) training. The training is designed to help the activists prepare for confrontations with police and security personnel. At this time, protest leaders are being asked to use this training opportunity to conduct actual protests in the area of the construction of the International Olympic site that is being prepared for the 2012 Olympics. TAM-C researchers will continue to monitor this in an attempt to confirm that the protests will actually occur and to provide an exact location.
30 June 2007 Multiple Locations: Racist organizations are mourning the death of David Lane, the founder of the militant group, The Order, who died in prison. Racist organizations are attempting to organize a Global Day Of Remembrance And Protest For David Lane. Locations with active “White Nationalist” groups should prepare for protests and counter protests surrounding this event.
6 – 8 July 2007 Iceland: A summer of international dissent and action against infrastructure improvement in Iceland will begin 6 July 2007. These protests are aimed at the improvement of roads and the construction of a power plant that will enable the growth of industry in the island nation.
19 – 23 July 2007 Los Angeles: Animal Rights 2007, the animal rights movement’s annual national conference will be taking place in Los Angeles. Speakers include representatives of extremely militant AR organizations − from SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) to SPEAK (the organization currently trying to shut down Oxford University’s research lab [currently under construction]).
TAM-C analysts expect street demonstrations throughout this period. However, organizers are planning for demonstrations on 23 July 2007. Likely targets are UCLA’s animal research labs.

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