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Coronavirus: Working Together for Community Resiliency

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By Allison G. S. Knox
Contributor, EDM Digest

Major emergencies are often terrifying ordeals for the individuals who survive them. While episodes of looting and violence certainly can erupt during a major event such as the current coronavirus pandemic, there is also a lot of research to indicate that individuals band together during major emergencies.

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We certainly saw this community cohesion during Hurricane Katrina, and we’re seeing it again during the coronavirus pandemic. By working together, we lessen the burden of new coronavirus cases on American hospitals.

Coronavirus Pandemic: How People and Communities Are Helping Each Other

People coming together is vital to emergency management of the coronavirus pandemic – particularly during this critical time. On Facebook, for instance, there has been educational post after post about “flattening the curve.”

Similarly, politicians at all levels of government throughout the country, including President Trump, have urged residents to practice social distancing in an effort to lessen the growth of coronavirus cases.

Grocery Stores Offering Special Shopping Hours for Senior Citizens

Considering that the coronavirus is particularly dangerous for the elderly population, multiple grocery stores have put together special hours to help those individuals shop with less risk of infection. For instance, senior citizens can shop in the early morning hours when the store is at its cleanest and has the widest product selection.

Social Media Featuring Memes to Thank Trucking, Health and Grocery Store Industry Workers

Memes focusing on thanking those in the trucking, health and grocery industries have also surfaced on social media. These memes put the focus on commemorating the individuals in society who are working hard to get the U.S. through this crisis.

Community Resiliency Will Help Us during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Essentially, our country is demonstrating community resiliency. That will help us to weather this serious health crisis.

Allison G. S. Knox teaches in the fire science and emergency management departments at American Military University and American Public University. Focusing on emergency management and emergency medical services policy, she often writes and advocates about these issues. Allison serves as an Intermittent Emergency Management Specialist with the Department of Health and Human Services, as At-Large Director of the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians and as Chancellor of the Southeast Region on the Board of Trustees with Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society in Social Sciences. She is also chair of Pi Gamma Mu’s Leadership Development Program. Prior to teaching, Allison worked for a member of Congress in Washington, D.C. and in a Level One trauma center emergency department. She is an emergency medical technician and holds multiple graduate degrees.

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