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Coronavirus: The List of Cancellations and New Restrictions Keeps Growing

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By Glynn Cosker
Managing Editor, EDM Digest

Numerous major sports, cultural, educational, and entertainment organizations are shutting down operations indefinitely in the wake of the coronavirus.

Various jurisdictions in the U.S. are also enforcing new restrictions and closings to help keep the coronavirus from spreading. On Thursday, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York ordered an end to all gatherings of more than 500 people, with a few exceptions. Other U.S. governors are expected to follow suit.

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Additionally, if not postponed or canceled altogether, some sporting events are taking place behind closed doors with no spectators, while some TV shows that usually include a studio audience are being taped without one. In Hollywood, some major movies’ release dates were pushed back from the spring or summer to the fall.

Here is a list of changes to the sports calendar, cultural events, and other changes due to the new virus. It’s not an exhaustive list because closings, suspensions and cancellations are occurring frequently, so checking your local news and governments is strongly encouraged.

Sports Leagues and Events

Minor sports leagues and events are being canceled or postponed each day, but the impact is felt most in the lucrative and expansive major leagues in the US, Europe and elsewhere. Here are some of the major sports announcements regarding coronavirus.

  • Basketball: The NBA has suspended all games from March 11 until further notice. The NCAA has canceled its men’s and women’s tournaments, meaning no ‘March Madness’ this year.
  • Hockey: The NHL has paused all games until further notice.
  • Baseball: MLB announced that it is pushing back its season opening by at least two weeks and all spring training games were suspended.
  • Soccer:  MLS suspended games on March 12 for at least 30 days. The English Premier League and the other professional leagues in England and Scotland have postponed all games until further notice. The Champions League and Europa League are each also now on hold – along with numerous domestic leagues throughout Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Golf: The Masters tournament was postponed. The PGA also canceled The Players tournament along with its next three tournaments.
  • Tennis: The BNP Paribas Open – due to begin in California – was canceled.

Public Gathering Places and Events

Hundreds of regional parades, events, concerts, plays, operas, amusement parks, museums, etc., around the U.S. and the rest of the world are shutting down. Here is a list of some of the major closings or postponements.

  • St. Patrick’s Day parades were canceled in Ireland, Boston, and some other jurisdictions. New York City postponed its parade.
  • The world’s largest concert and ticketing organization (Live Nation Entertainment) has suspended all of its current tours through March 31.
  • All public gatherings in Italy are now banned with people only permitted to undertake emergency travel.
  • In Germany, Berlin closed its theaters, monuments, museums, opera houses, concert halls and libraries.
  • Broadway: All plays and musicals were put on hold for at least one month due to Gov. Cuomo’s announcement.
  • Walt Disney World Resort will close on March 15 through the end of the month – along with the Disney Cruise Line. Additionally, Disneyland in California will close Saturday through the end of March.
  • The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo – one of the largest and most popular rodeos in the world – was shut down Wednesday.
  • Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden each canceled events they had planned in Cleveland.


Hundreds of  worldwide and U.S. colleges and universities are closing their doors until further notice due to coronavirus — forcing some students to seek online schools in the meantime. Additionally, statewide closings of K-12 schools are occurring. Here are the latest K-12 closings and suspensions:

  • Ohio has closed all public schools for three weeks starting today.
  • Michigan has closed all of its public schools through April 6.
  • Oregon has closed all public schools through the end of March.
  • Maryland’s public schools will be closed from March 16 through March 27.
  • New Mexico’s public schools will close down starting March 16 for at least three weeks.

Stay tuned to EDM Digest for more news on the coronavirus.

Click the button below to see the latest COVID-19 updates from American Military University’s first-responder experts on Twitter. AMUdisasterCREW brings you daily emergency and disaster planning tips, pics, videos, news and a lot more.

Glynn Cosker is a Managing Editor at AMU Edge. In addition to his background in journalism, corporate writing, web and content development, Glynn served as Vice Consul in the Consular Section of the British Embassy located in Washington, D.C. Glynn is located in New England.

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