Law Enforcement


By Tim Hardiman

Many police officers are able to retire from their police careers long before they are ready to never work again. They are interested in the financial benefits of collecting a pension along with a regular paycheck to truly experience financial independence. Many retiring officers choose to transition into the private sector, but making this transition can be challenging.

By William Tucker

This past weekend three more Buddhist monks set themselves ablaze in Seda county of Sichuan province. These most recent self immolations bring the number to 19 since the protests began back in March of 2011. Each immolation prompted an immediate large scale protest resulting in the Chinese People’s Armed Police firing into the crowd. Independent reports are difficult to verify at this time.

By Tim Hardiman – Nearly 15, 000 people were murdered in the United States in 2007. Almost 12,000 men and over 3,000 women according to the FBI’s report “Crime in the United States”. The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) reports that the majority of these victims knew their killers. Only 29 percent of men are estimated to have been killed by strangers. The figure for women is even more striking: nearly 90 percent of women were murdered by someone they knew. Only 10 percent were killed by people they had never met.