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Alumni Stories: Serving Communities by Political Consulting

By John Robert Morton, Student and Alumni Affairs Liaison, and Randy Purham, AMU Graduate

Many University alumni work to improve their communities and are dedicated to public service. AMU graduate Randy Purham is one example.

political consulting Purham Morton
Randy Purham, AMU graduate. Image courtesy of author.

Randy spent more than 20 years in the U.S. Army, working his way upward from squad leader to chemical operations specialist. As Randy progressed through the Army, his passion for politics and leadership shone through and his leaders took notice, often sending him as their representative for certain events.

In 2019-2020, Randy was the Post Commander for Naples, Italy and the District 1 Commander for the Department of Europe. He was also selected to be a Legislative Fellow Class 6 for the VFW-SVA Legislative Conference in Washington, DC. His command of both positions culminated in being awarded All-American and All-State honors for both Post and District.  

In September 2020, Randy retired from the Army. Then the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and he returned to Alaska to run for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 2021-22 election cycle.

Attending the University and Joining SVA

Randy enrolled at the University in 2009 during a deployment to Iraq, choosing to study business administration to build his entrepreneurial efforts. He completed his bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2014 and later returned to the University for a master’s degree in political science, graduating in June 2023. 

 “My experience with AMU has been more than phenomenal,” says Randy.

During his educational journey, Randy became a member of the Student Veterans of America (SVA) chapter. In 2016, Randy had the honor of assisting in opening the Student Veterans in Charles Town, West Virginia, when he served as the Student Veterans of America, National Ambassador – AMU Chapter.

In addition to being a member of SVA, Randy has pursued other activities. He became an entrepreneur and founded Purham and Associates, joined the University Ambassador program, wrote a book called “The NEW You: Now Equipped with Wisdom,” and started his own Internet radio talk show.

Starting a Political Consulting Firm

In 2017, Randy launched a political consulting firm. Randy felt with his political science knowledge and experience, he would be an asset to candidates aspiring to run for office.  

Randy loves to network and meet people from all walks of life. On his show, Randy speaks to politicians, authors and industry leaders on current issues. He provides candidates with a platform to help them get name recognition and media exposure.

Advice to Others Looking to Enter Politics or Political Consulting

For anyone looking to follow in his footsteps in political consulting or politics, Randy advises, “You must have a very strong passion and a very thick skin to engage in the political arena. Don’t be afraid to have a position, hold that position, and engage others who may be in opposition to your beliefs and values.

“Get out into the communities and organizations that are in alignment with your political aspirations and grow through the ranks, advance the organization’s goals, and pass the torch. Don’t be afraid to let go of power, don’t be afraid to fail, and most importantly, don’t be afraid to grow.” 

Joining a Student Organization

The University has more than 74 organizations that are open to current students, alumni, University staff and faculty members. Want to join a student organization? Check them out and see which one best fits you and your academic and personal goals.

About the Author

John Robert Morton is a Student & Alumni Affairs Liaison and has been with the University for 14 years. His bachelor’s degree in European history is from Troy University in Troy, Alabama. He also completed master’s degrees in political science and sports management from American Military University. As a liaison, John Robert enjoys helping students and alumni to achieve their personal and professional goals.

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