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What You Should Know about Your Senior Seminar Class

By Emily Ludeman
Senior Academic Advisor, School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

All bachelor’s degree students at APU and AMU start their academic journey with COLL100, Foundations of Online Learning, and end that journey with the Senior Seminar class. COLL100 can potentially be waived with prior online learning experience, but the Senior Seminar is a firm requirement and one of the last classes before you graduate and become an alumnus.

The Senior Seminar is the 498- to 499-level class listed at the bottom of your Final Program Requirements. The three-semester hour course is structured similarly to the core, major and concentration requirements given its eight-week timeline, but its overall focus and assignments are different.

The Senior Seminar requires students to display the scholarly knowledge, research skills, writing proficiency and presentation abilities that they have gained throughout their degree program. Much of higher education is based in theory; the Senior Seminar calls on students to connect theory to practice and application. It is a final transition course before graduate-level pursuits or new career endeavors.

The Senior Seminar Is Not a Class to Fear

While the Senior Seminar is a major undertaking, it is not something to fear. The degree plan has been designed to set you up for success and the excitement of nearing graduation likely will be motivating.

It is important to trust in the time and energy that you have put into the many courses leading up to the Senior Seminar. Take pride in the hard work that brought you to your senior standing.

Although your prior experience has prepared you well for the Senior Seminar, you may still be hesitant. Those concerns are totally normal and can be relieved by contacting your Academic Advisor.

Prior to Senior Seminar Registration, Be Sure You Fulfill Its Requirements

The Student Handbook bases your academic standing on the number of semester hours you complete. The 90-semester hour mark confirms your senior status and may permit Senior Seminar registration.

However, many academic programs require the completion of 106 semester hours and all core and concentration/major courses before you can register for the Senior Seminar. Completing all core and concentration/major courses is likely to increase your success in the Senior Seminar.

Registration blocks are in place to ensure that your Senior Seminar is completed at the end of your degree plan. After you complete 90 or 106 semester hours, depending on your program’s requirements, connect with your Academic Advisor to review the registration guidelines and degree-specific expectations for your Senior Seminar.

We are here to make sure you feel confident and prepared as you take the final steps to earn your degree. Please call us at 877-755-2787, email us at counseling@apus.edu, or schedule an academic advising session if you have any questions.

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