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GAO Audit Finds Current Border Patrol Still Lacking

Yesterday, the U.S. Government Accountablity Office (GAO) released the results of an investigation on the effectiveness of current U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) screening procedures.

The 2006 GAO report , a follow up to an audit conducted three years ago, concluded that CBP procedures remain insufficient.
Before a Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday, George D. Kutz – a federal auditor for GAO – testified that periodic tests conducted since 2002 show that “CBP officers are unable to effectively identify counterfeit driver licenses, birth certificates, and other documents”. Also, people who enter the United States by land are not always asked for identification.
According to Kutz, “this vulnerability potentially allows terrorists or others involved in criminal activity to pass freely into the United States from Canada or Mexico with little or no chance of being detected.”
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