Mental Health


More than ever, officers must address mental health issues during their career and into retirement. In this episode, Wendy Hummell, a 24-year career officer and law enforcement spouse, talks about developing a robust peer support program and its role in building resilient law enforcement families. Also learn about other stress management tools including tactical breathing, yoga, mindfulness training, and more.

By Joyce Holmes-Jordan

COVID-19 has put a spotlight on the vulnerability of older adults who often have chronic medical conditions and have become increasingly isolated during the pandemic. Learn how communities can implement models to reduce disparities and build stronger community resiliency to aid such vulnerable populations during a crisis.

Do law enforcement agencies incorporate too many military tactics and equipment in their policing efforts? In this episode, Dr. Bjorn Mercer talks to AMU Criminal Justice program director, Dr. Chuck Russo, about the origins of the military and domestic law enforcement as well as the benefits and downfalls of ongoing collaboration and more.