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Why You Should Apply to the Workforce Recruitment Program

When the Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) season opens in the fall, Career Services sends out announcements and deadlines for student registration. The Workforce Recruitment Program is an exciting program for those people who qualify.  

What Is the Workforce Recruitment Program?

The WRP is a federal program that connects highly motivated college students and recent graduates with disabilities to federal and private-sector employers located nationwide. Only students and alumni who are eligible under the Schedule A Hiring Authority can apply for the Workforce Recruitment Program.

When you apply to the WRP, you will be added to an applicant database that federal employers use to find motivated candidates seeking employment opportunities. Qualified students are encouraged to register with our Disability Services Accommodations (DSA) office to receive all upcoming announcements.

Why Should You Apply to the WRP?

Anyone who has tried to apply for a federal position knows that the process can be long and daunting. For highly coveted jobs, it can feel like a lottery. But for Schedule A-eligible students and graduates, the WRP gives you the advantage of fast-tracking that process! 

While there is no guarantee of employment, the Workforce Recruitment Program provides applicants with the opportunity to meet with federal recruiters to learn about the ins and outs of the federal application process. These informational interviews are optional, but highly beneficial. Your University Workforce Recruitment Program Coordinator can help arrange your informational interview if necessary.

How to Prepare for an Informational Interview   

Keep in mind that federal recruiters who have volunteered their time to assist Workforce Recruitment Program applicants are not there to hire you. The role of these recruiters is to help applicants gain an understanding of the federal hiring process and answer questions.

Informational interviews differ from other interview formats. Your informational interview will not focus on an individual employer. Instead, it will focus on your preferred industry as a whole.

A few questions you might consider asking your federal recruiter include:  

  • What current issues and trends in the hiring process should I know about or do you see on the horizon?
  • What steps would you recommend I take to prepare for a meeting with various employers when the target position is not so clear?
  • What actions can I take to increase my chances of being selected?

Before interviewing a federal recruiter, make sure you do some research and prepare your questions in advance. Don’t focus all of your questions on an employer or specific job title. Prepare industry-oriented questions, and focus on the hiring process and advice the recruiter gives you.

The 2021 WRP Application Process

If you’re interested in applying for the Workforce Recruitment Program, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the WRP Request Form to express your interest in participation and email it to Career Services. A University WRP Coordinator will then contact you with more information on the process.
  2. Register for an account and complete an application on the Workforce Recruitment Program site.
  3. Once you’re notified that your registration has been approved, return to the WRP homepage, click “New Student Application,” upload the required documentation and submit it. You will receive a confirmation email once your application has been submitted.
  4. Obtain a Schedule A letter from your doctor.

Upon completion of the application process, your resume will be placed into a database where potential employers can search for qualified candidates. Applicants must register annually. This infographic shows a timeline of the process.

As a reminder, your Career Services team is here to help you in various areas of career readiness. You can contact a career coach for resume and cover letter reviews, interview preparation, career advice, and questions about the Workforce Recruitment Program. We look forward to working with you!

Rowe Leathers is a Senior Career Coach. She is a graduate of San Jose State University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations with a minor in Psychology. Prior to coming to the University, Rowe held a position in Career Services with a trade school where she enjoyed performing all the various aspects of Career Services. She holds career coaching credentials as a GCDF and CCSP, as well as the EQ-I 2.0/EQ 360 certification credentials.

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