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What You Can Expect from Career Services in 2021

By Kass Williams
Career Services Coordinator

Let’s face it: being a student is a full-time job. Not only are you responsible for coursework, projects, and exams, but you’re also seeking opportunities to gain professional experience, develop your skillset, and make yourself more marketable as a job candidate. Being a Grade A candidate is just as important as being a Grade A student.

It’s no surprise that students sometimes find it difficult to navigate this process. The good news is that you’re not on your own here. Our mission in the Department of Career Services is to prepare you for career readiness by helping you identify a career path and gain the qualifications for your goal.

Each year, Career Services adapts to changes in the job market and the nation. We develop new resources, host new events, and keep you informed on industry trends in order to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to be successful.

The pandemic flipped 2020 on its head, and its effects will likely last into much of 2021. So here’s what Career Services is doing this year to help you be successful.

Career Coaching

If you haven’t spoken with a Career Coach before, understanding the benefits of having a Career Coach might persuade you to take the first step. University students and alumni are assigned to industry-aligned Career Coaches who help guide you through your career journey, no matter where you are academically or professionally. They understand your prospective industry and can prepare you for what’s ahead.

If you’re unsure about what degree program to enroll in or what career path to take, speaking with a Career Exploration Specialist is a good first step. You’ll get to take a self-assessment to determine what jobs are a good fit for your needs and explore applicable careers with the help of a qualified expert. When you know which degree program aligns best with your desired career, you can then reach out to your Career Coach.

You’ll begin with a casual discussion about your interests and desired career path. Based on your unique needs, your Career Coach will help you develop a strategy to reach your goal. Our Career Coaches can also assist with:

  • Resume reviews: Your Career Coach will review your resume to ensure it is properly tailored to the specific position for which you’re applying. They will also ensure your resume is friendly to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
  • Interview preparation: If you need to practice for an upcoming interview, your Career Coach will schedule a mock interview session via phone or Zoom for you to practice your interviewing skills and obtain expert feedback.
  • Social media reviews: Your social media can affect your image in a positive or negative way. Your Career Coach can perform a review of your social media sites to help you improve your profile.
  • Career-related questions: Whether you have questions about industry trends, internship opportunities in your desired field, ways to develop your skillset for a specific role or volunteer opportunities, your Career Coach will be able to help you.

Virtual Career Fairs Hosted by Career Services

The Department of Career Services hosts multiple Virtual Career Fairs (VCFs) every year. These events are excellent opportunities to network with employers, ask questions about specific positions and put yourself in front of recruiters. There are various benefits to attending a VCF, and over 150 employers have hired our students and alumni through these events.  

To prepare, you can view our event schedule in your ecampus to learn when these events will be hosted or take a virtual tour of our platform. Our three annual events are: 

  • Employing Those Who Serve VCF: Held annually for active duty, retired military and military spouse students and alumni, this event lets you chat virtually with recruiters from a variety of companies spanning several industries.
  • National Security VCF: This event is suited for students and alumni seeking job opportunities in the federal government and public safety.
  • Business & IT VCF: Recruiters at this event seek candidates in a variety of programs for a variety of roles, including those in business management, healthcare and marketing.

A fourth event is planned for May 2021.

Launched in 2020, CareerLink is our university job board, which was developed specifically to help students and alumni find jobs that are a good fit for them. CareerLink is a personalized platform that allows employers with whom our team has formed relationships to search for candidates based on details you provide in your profile.

Employers can find you in our system based on your preferred location, degree program, or any certifications you possess, and then they can download your resume. In addition, you can browse through thousands of available positions nationwide and apply to them directly on the CareerLink site.

If you’re graduating this year, CareerLink is an excellent platform to help you find a job. It will streamline your job search by bringing you closer to carefully vetted employers who want AMU and APU students and alumni.

If you have trouble getting started with your account, you can watch this tutorial on how to navigate CareerLink in the Success Center.

Success Center Resources

Sometimes students don’t need to speak with a Career Coach, and that’s okay. If you’re a self-led student who would rather read an article or watch a video than have a discussion, check out the Success Center. It houses a plethora of valuable resources, including many from Career Services.

We post everything from internship opportunities with specific companies to tutorial videos that will help you prepare for job interviews. Here’s a list of some helpful resources to get you started:

  • A Guide to an Effective Resume
  • Federal Resume Writing Guide
  • Developing Your Elevator Pitch
  • Internships for Academic Credit
  • Virtual Career Fair Attendee Tips
  • Interview Formats You Should Be Ready For
  • Translating Your Military Experience to a Civilian

And if you can’t find the answer to your question in the Success Center, email us!

Career Services Is Here for You

Last year was a rough time for students and professionals alike. There’s no telling how 2021 will pan out, but whether you’re seeking a job, furthering your education or preparing for the future, the Department of Career Services is here to support you.

We might not be financial experts or healthcare professionals. But we’re good at what we do, and that is listening, caring and strategizing. Email Career Services today to begin speaking with your Career Coach.

Kass Williams serves as the Career Services Coordinator, employing her communication, editing and project management skills to support the Career Services Department with content creation. She holds a B.A. in English with a Writing Concentration from Davis & Elkins College.

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