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Using Dropbox to Manage Your Schoolwork

Dropbox is an amazing tool and any student that uses more than one computer or device will benefit from its ease of use. Here is a look at one approach to using Dropbox to manage your schoolwork.

First, create a folder for each class. It seems obvious, but if you neglect this early on, you will find yourself awash in files. By using the class codes (e.g., GEOG307) it will help with sorting.








Next, you will want to download everything your teacher provides to you. Do not skimp on this. Sometimes teachers provide far too much material to read, but save it for the future. The obvious file is the syllabus, but most teachers offer weekly PowerPoint presentations and other lesson material. Download it all, giving it sensible names for easy searching.

Below are teacher-provided files for a course on Medieval Military History. The teacher provided a syllabus, weekly PowerPoint lessons, a bibliography, and a list of websites. No student could track down all the books in the bibliography or read all the websites provided, but keeping track of these files will make them accessible in the future.





Then you will of course want to save all your actual work. Another benefit of Dropbox is that it will save versions of each file as you make changes to it. However, creating your own instances of files between major edits cannot hurt.

When the teacher provides feedback, save it too, giving it the same name as the submitted file, but with “- Teacher’s feedback” appended to it. This will be helpful during the course to see what sort of feedback the teacher provided, but it will also help in the future, as you can easily see how you progressed in your schooling over time.






By Scott Manning
Online Learning Tips, Student Contributor

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