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TSA Air Travel FAQs

Is it safe to fly?

Yes.  We do not have any specific threat to flights in the U.S.  However, out of an abundance of caution, we have taken these steps as a precautionary measure.  We continue to monitor intelligence sources closely and will adjust the security measures as warranted.

What should the American people know?

We ask every passenger to be alert and report suspicious activity to authorities.

What can people expect at the checkpoints?

Passengers may experience longer lines at airports and should plan to arrive early. Check with your specific airline and airport before flight departure time to determine how much time is needed for your flight. Passengers should pack their patience and ensure that that they do not bring any liquids to the security checkpoint in carry-on luggage. These items are no longer permitted on board the aircraft. To expedite the process, avoid having clutter in your bags and minimize the number carry-on items.

Why are you banning liquids?

We are taking appropriate preventive measures to protect the public given the plot uncovered by U.K. authorities.

Will there be any exceptions?

The following items are permitted to be carried aboard the aircraft:

  • Passengers traveling with infants may bring baby formula.
  • Prescription medicine that matches the passenger’s name.
  • Essential non-prescription medicines such as insulin are permitted.

What about liquid eyeliner and similar items?

If you are in doubt about an item, please leave it at home or place in your checked baggage or the item may be intercepted at the security checkpoint. 

Media reports indicated that passengers may be forced to sample infant formula or milk before being permitted to fly. Is that true?

No. TSA will not ask passengers to sample fluids or beverages during the screening process. This process is being required at foreign airports and is not required at any domestic U.S. airport. Infant formula must be submitted for inspection to a TSA security officer by passengers traveling with a baby.

Media have also reported that laptops, cell phones and electronic items are no longer allowed.  Is that true.

No.  TSA continues to allow laptop computers, cell phones and other electronic items. 

Will you be hand searching bags?

There will be more hand searches of bags at the checkpoint and a bag check at the gate immediately prior to boarding the aircraft.

Do you have the ability to detect liquid explosives?

We have several methods to detect explosives at the checkpoint. We also have the ability to detect liquids through our screening process.

How early should passengers arrive?

Passengers should consult their individual airline, but we recommend arriving at least two hours in advance of flight time.

Again, keep in mind that if it is necessary to remove liquids at the checkpoint, time will be added to the process.

What cities were the incoming flights involved in the plot arriving at?

Due to the ongoing investigation, we cannot comment on the specific flights or threat.

(source: Transportation Security Administration)

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