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Try Out a New Career

By Rowe Leathersjob-hopping-downside
Contributor, Career Services

Have you ever considered doing something entirely different from your current job role? Do you have secondary skills that if provided the opportunity could blossom into a new career path? What hobbies do you have that possess the potential to become an income earning activity?

I enjoy photography, and love the idea of documenting moments and memories. However, how could this be turned into an income stream? One way to nurture this hobby is to find opportunities to use it. I can “try-out” a career as a photographer by reaching out to local organizations such as churches, shelters and local non-profits that may have a need but not the budget for a photographer. Families in temporary shelters may appreciate a family portrait. Residents of a retirement home may enjoy a memory book of friends and family visits. Providing a photography service in exchange for building my own portfolio may segue into a new career!

Do you wonder what type of work you would be doing if you were not in your current role? For example, if your current role has you “cooped up” in the office and the idea of working outdoors excites your senses, why not explore career possibilities that may be an option to you? Are you an accountant who secretly wishes to work as a park ranger? Look no further than your regional parks for a chance to become part of sustainable and restoration programs. Your dreams of spending your weekends in the serenity of the forest can be a reality!

If your current role has you working outdoors and the thought of someday working in the comfort of an air-conditioned office entices you, take an assessment of your administrative skills. Do you enjoy working with people? Do you have interest in history, politics or art? If so, consider spending your weekends in museums, galleries, or the office for a local political campaign. Sharpening skills that you don’t utilize in your current job role is a great way to open your horizon to career options in the future.

Stepping out of our regular career roles can open new doors for opportunities we may have never considered. Identifying new talents is a great way to try-out new careers, new opportunities, and new possibilities. By allowing ourselves to step out of the ordinary, we have the potential to create a career than can become extraordinary.

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