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Trump-Kim Summit Gift Bags Containing Fans with USB Drives Raise Cyber Eyebrows

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By LTC Steven Howard, U.S. Army (Ret.)
Contributor, InCyberDefense

Journalists attending the recent Trump/Kim summit in Singapore were recently surprised by warnings from cybersecurity experts. The journalists were given complimentary gift bags containing a fan with a USB drive. The fan was intended to keep journalists cool during the 92-degree daytime temperatures.

However, the journalists were warned not to plug the fan’s USB drive into their laptops. Cybersecurity experts warned that the USB drive may contain malware.

Dutch journalist Harald Doornbos tweeted a picture of the fan.

The tweet read: “Handy. In the press kit for the #KimTrumpSummit, there is a mini USB fan – convenient to stay cool while writing. It is pretty hot here in Singapore, 33C or so. But it does not reach Dubai, king of the oven.”

Using USB Drives from Unknown Sources Has Long Been a Cybersecurity Hazard

However, cyber experts have been saying for years that if you give someone physical access to your computer, it is no longer your computer. In the past, USB drives have been a favorite way for hackers to circumnavigate security measures.

It was eventually revealed that the USB drives were supplied by the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) in Singapore. A spokesman for MCI has confirmed that the USB fans have no processing or storage capabilities.

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