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Today’s Security Threats Require More Training and Experience from Intelligence Professionals

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Vlog with Dr. James Hess

Intelligence threats today are multifaceted and complex. To better comprehend, pinpoint and cope with the security threats facing modern society, advanced knowledge is a useful asset to intelligence professionals.

In this vlog, Dr. James Hess, Director of Doctoral Research Experiences, explains the increasing need for experienced people with advanced skills in the strategic intelligence career field. He also discusses how the university’s doctoral program in Strategic Intelligence aids students in preparing for leadership roles and to provide the knowledge that helps decision makers to make better, more informed decisions.

Courses in the strategic intelligence doctoral degree program are taught by highly credentialed faculty members who work in the field and are considered subject matter experts with decades of experience. This program and the university’s other doctoral program offering, the applied doctoral degree in global security, are the only programs of their kind that are taught online by an accredited university.

On November 1, join industry leaders, faculty, and fellow strategic intelligence and global security professionals for our Virtual Open House to learn more about our Doctor of Strategic Intelligence (DSI) and Doctor of Global Security (DGS) programs.

About the Speaker

Dr. James Hess is currently the Director of Doctoral Research Experiences at American Military University. Dr. Hess received his Ph.D. from Louisiana State University where he studied improving analytical methodologies in counterinsurgency and counter-terrorism environments. He is currently studying the relationship between Islamic jurisprudence and terrorism as an International Relations Research Fellow with the University of Arizona’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies.

Get started on your Global Security Doctoral Degree at American Military University.

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