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The Real Problem of Iraq

By John A. Cote MSSI, CPP
In Iraq today the real problem is not the number of troops we need to complete the job there, but rather how to implement a strategic exit plan which takes into account the many complex issues which created the Iraq crisis in the first place.

It clearly is in our best interest to have a peaceful Iraq. It’s time the United States lowers its pride a little and asks for help from her allies around the world. This help should be comprised of both treasure and blood. Many countries so far have been more than willing to give money toward the war effort, but have refused to send any troops to help in securing Iraq. In order to truly say “Mission Accomplished” the U.S. needs to:

  • Show a truly independent Iraq
  • Leave the smallest U.S. footprint in Iraq
  • Get Iraq’s neighbors to take the responsibility of helping the fledgling nation
  • Talk with Iran about its responsibilities to its neighbor
  • Talk with Syria about its responsibilities to its neighbor

I know that in the beginning of this war we did have other coalition members with troops on the ground but they systematically left the field of battle as their forces came under deadly fire.
Most of us agree a calm Iraq would be better for the world as a whole. Now is the time for America and her allies to take a stand against terrorism. Getting the rest of the world to take its fair share of the burden would give the U.S. troops a chance to recuperate and Iraq could be flooded with the numbers of troops to truly once and for all defeat the insurgents.

John Cote is a terrorism and security analyst currently living in the Czech Republic. Cote holds a master’s degree in Strategic Intelligence from American Military University.

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