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The Power of Patterns: Find Your Rhythm in Your Online Classes

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When you were in grade school, do you remember picking up on patterns from your instructors? After completing a couple of assignments or tests, you probably developed a sense of what they looked for when grading. Or maybe each class period had a predictable flow. And doesn’t this make it easier to figure out what to focus on for the class?

The same principle applies to online courses. Catching on to structural patterns quickly can help you glide into a rhythm and complete the course more efficiently. This can really benefit you when taking longer courses or a series of related courses. Below are a few examples of patterns to watch for.

  • How often are you prompted to answer a quiz or review question during the course?
  • Are there cues that suggest what information you’re likely to be quizzed on?
  • How do quiz questions during the course compare to a test or exam at the end of the course (in terms of difficulty, question structure, and content)?

Such awareness of your course’s structure will help you get the most out of your online learning experience.

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By Online Learning Tips Staff

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