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The Implications of a Department of Homeland Security Shutdown

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In this special podcast for In Homeland Security, we talk to two retired United States Air Force Colonels, Dr. Bob Ditch and Dr. Stephen Schwalbe about the daunting implications of a Department of Homeland Security shutdown, which may become a reality if the current impasse in Congress is not resolved by Feb. 27. Listen to the podcast by clicking on the image below.

This current crisis has been manufactured by the Republicans, and so the blame on the Republican Party is fair … President Obama and the Democrats in Congress are in a pretty good position in that they are unified and they did not cause this crisis.” – Dr. Stephen Schwalbe.

The American public is going to ask the question: how come this is happening when we have such a high state of readiness and threat against such groups as ISIS?” – Dr. Bob Ditch.

Note: The opinions and comments stated in the preceding article/podcast, and views expressed by any contributor to In Homeland Security, do not represent the views of American Military University, American Public University, American Public University System, its management or employees.

About the Experts:
Dr. Stephen Schwalbe, Program Director of Political Science at American Public University, retired from the Air Force in 2007 as a colonel after 30 years of active duty service.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the Air Force Academy; a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Golden Gate University; a Master’s degree from the Naval Postgraduate School; a Master’s degree from the Naval War College; and, a Ph.D. from Auburn University in Public Policy.

Dr. Robert Ditch is a retired Air Force Colonel and a 39-year volunteer firefighter/chief fire officer, EMT/paramedic (since 1974) veteran and homeland security/emergency management instructor. He has been an EMS first-responder firefighter/paramedic in eight fire/EMS agencies in five states. He also teaches Fire Science Management classes at American Military University and American Public University.

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