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The Coming War in Somalia

John A.Cote MSSI, CPP
Although events in , and have been taking more than their share of headlines as of late, a war in has been brewing for the past few months.

The and armies have dug in just outside of Baidoa and have been skirmishing with the Council of Islamic Courts Union (CICU) for the past few days. If Somalia falls to the CICU, major problems will arise for the United States and the rest of the world.
A recent report has been released by the stating two members of the Iranian government have been in Somalia representing the Iranian geological survey and were looking for uranium deposits.
In an article titled Somalia and Anarchy author Jim Davidson mentioned that uranium deposits were found in large quantities on maps created by a Soviet mineralogical survey taken in the 1970’s.
If a pro-Islamic government takes control of Somalia where there is possibly large quantities of uranium ore, which helps meet its demand for Uranium 235 (used to make nuclear fission bombs) the threat is quite clear.
Many analysts suggest that the Somali militants who took part in the Battle of Mogadishu in 1993 those two days had training from Al Qaeda. This is because of their effective use of the RPG-7 against the Americans as a surface to air weapon. If the CICU take over the country, Al Qaeda will have a free reign within Somalia borders.
It’s truly a shame the United States is busy keeping its eye on Iraq and failing to see an even greater threat brewing and getting a chance to take hold in another part of the world If the weak Transitional Federal Government fails to hold the CICU at bay the United States can look forward to having to enter a new front on the .

John Cote is a terrorism and security analyst currently living in the Czech Republic. Cote holds a master’s degree in Strategic Intelligence from American Military University.
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