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Terrorist Plot Falls Apart in Thailand

By William Tucker

Iran was accused of launching yet another attack today; however a strange confluence of events caused the plan to rapidly fall apart. It appears as if a bomb prematurely detonated in a home rented by four Iranian nationals. This can happen due to poor construction, or mishandling when attempting to place the device. Three of the suspects managed to flee, while the remaining suspect tried to hail a taxi. The taxi reportedly refused to pick up the suspect, who, in retaliation, threw a bomb at the vehicle. Police arrived and attempted to arrest the stranded bomber only to have an explosive device hurled their way. Unfortunately for the suspect, the bomb bounced back and severed his legs. Thai authorities did find another explosive device during the ensuing search of the suspect’s home, but they were able to successfully defuse it. According to Thai officials, they had received intelligence indicating that another plot was in the offing after the arrest of a Hezbollah operative one month ago. This plot coming immediately on the heels of yesterday’s failures do indeed indicate that Iran is becoming much more aggressive in their international operations.

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