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by Bradley Hood
Contributor, In Military Education

Dennis Phillips wrote a special to the Observer which has brought to my attention a new NY Job Initiative for transitioning military personnel which falls within my current line of civilian work. While a student at AMU I paid my bills by working as a Healthcare Security Officer, and continue to do so during the wait time for an active duty slot at The Basic School in Quantico. Although I do not personally see a career in Security for myself, it is a line of work I found very easy to get into given my military experience and one that paid better than similar opportunities that did not require a college degree. For those looking for work and living in NY, there is an outstanding opportunity for you – Even if only a temporary stopgap while searching for more ideal employment.

In 2011 New York launched the Experience Counts program as a way to facilitate commercial driver’s license access for transitioning military service members. The new version of the Experience Counts program offers more than a waive of fees associated with a license – it offers a training program free of cost to certify the service member for armed security guard positions. After training, the service member is assisted with locating a job. Currently in New York there are 8,300 security jobs available. Normally someone looking to work as an armed security guard would need to pay for the training themselves or be sent by their employer for the training. Completing the training free of charge will make an already competitive former service member closer to a perfect fit for a company looking for armed security candidates.

This training program offered by the Experience Counts program can be accessed through a New York State Department of Labor Career Center. The original article by Denniss Phillips can be accessed here:

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