By Craig Gilman
Manager, APUS Veterans Resource Center

RallyPoint recently achieved a major milestone. It enrolled its 1 millionth member on November 22.

RallyPoint is a professional network serving the U.S. military and its veterans. Founded in 2012 by veterans Yinon Weiss and Aaron Kletzing, it is the nation’s largest military social community.

RallyPoint Community Provides Multiple Services to Servicemembers and Vets

RallyPoint has been called the “LinkedIn for the military” and empowers service personnel to take greater control over their own lives and careers. Current military members and veterans can connect with each other, explore career opportunities inside and outside the military, and talk about important military topics.

Over 3,000 RallyPoint members have attended or are attending American Military University (AMU). AMU is a proud sponsor of RallyPoint’s Education Resource Center, which provides space for academic discussions and links to education resources for active-duty servicemembers and veterans.

As a veteran, I know the power of community. Within a day of joining RallyPoint, a friend who I served with in Okinawa many years ago saw the profile I posted and contacted me. RallyPoint does a great service to the veteran communities by providing a place to host these military affiliated communities, and it encourages personal and professional growth.

As Senior Manager of American Public University System’s Veteran Resource Center, I frequently refer veterans to RP articles relevant to their personal and professional pursuits.

There is strength in numbers. If you want to be part of a community that puts the needs of its military and veteran members first, RallyPoint could be for you.

If you are already a member, let’s see how we can create a larger presence on RallyPoint among our own respective communities.

About the Author

After serving with the Marines, Craig Gilman pursued a career as a social studies teacher before joining American Military University (AMU), where he has spent more than eight years providing career and educational guidance to active-duty, National Guard and Reserve members and veterans. Craig now manages the APUS Veterans Resource Center, providing guidance and resources for transitioning service-members and veterans looking for sustainable post-service employment.