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Syria: Nikki Haley Warns of Future Chemical Attacks

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From Homeland411

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said Sept. 6 that the Bashar Al-Assad regime in Syria is again planning chemical weapons attacks, and Russia will likely offer support. She also lambasted U.N. Security Council members for not holding the Assad regime accountable.

“[I] f the past is any guide, the Syrian and Russian attempts to blame others for the use of chemical agents is an indication that the Syrian regime still believes it can use these horrific weapons with impunity and an indication that the Syrian regime may be preparing to use these horrific weapons in future attacks,” Haley said at a security council briefing on chemical weapons. “No one–I repeat, no one—is fooled.”

She reminded the council of Assad’s chemical attack on Ghouta that killed more than 1,400 people in 2013 as well as a sarin gas attack in April 2017 on Khan Shiekhoun that killed more than 70. Most recently, in April 2018, more than 40 died from chemical weapons exposure in Douma.

“In all, the United States estimates—conservatively—that the Assad regime has used chemical weapons on its own people at least 50 times since the war began,” Haley said. “That’s easily, conservatively, 1,500 innocent children, women, and men killed by the Syrian regime with chemical weapons. Fifteen hundred murders covered up by the Russian regime. And 1,500 reasons to disbelieve the claims that others are responsible for the atrocities.”

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