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Study: Three-quarters of Organizations Lack Cyber Experts

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IT pros cite a lack of confidence to fend off major attacks

IT security firm Tripwire recently released results of a survey that pointed to a general lack of confidence in cybersecurity.

Along with Dimensional Research, Tripwire surveyed more than 500 IT security professionals in August. The study looked to evaluate current cyber security and compliance programs across the U.S. About 75 percent of respondents were not confident in the overall cybersecurity capabilities of their organization.

So, approximately one in four IT professionals cited a lack of skilled cyber security experts. Thus, more than three-quarters have a lack of confidence in their organization’s ability to properly react to a major cyber attack.

Other survey findings

Tripwire also revealed additional findings from the August survey. Two noteworthy results spoke to current challenges that many companies face finding cybersecurity talent:

— Nearly three-quarters of respondents had challenges hiring skilled cyber security experts.
— About half of respondents mentioned organizational challenges related to recruiting, training and retaining skilled cyber security experts.

In addition, about 69 percent of respondents noted that the lack of cyber security expertise forced them to look to technology solutions to fill the gap.

Clear focus on cybersecurity

Despite the lack of confidence revealed by this survey, research shows that U.S. businesses [link url=”” title=”remain committed”] to bolstering cybersecurity efforts. With the [link url=”” title=”estimates of annual cybercrime costs”] now reaching all the way up into the trillions, this commitment is likely to stay.

“While tools can’t replace people, effective automation can give skilled employees more time to spend on the tough problems. Organizations should examine where their cyber security teams are investing manual effort into tasks that could be automated.” — [link url=”” title=”Tim Erlin”], director of IT security and risk strategy for Tripwire

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