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Seeking Student Stories: Be the Next Voice of Your University

By Susan Hoffman

Going back to college as an adult learner comes with its own set of challenges. It’s time-consuming to take classes over several years, work full-time and care for a family. But it’s a challenge that AMU and APU students meet every day with their persistence, determination, and willingness to work hard for a degree or certificate.

Some of our university student stories are particularly amazing given the special challenges those students have overcome, such as the death of a family member, disabilities, deployment or job loss. Our alumni have had a deep impact on the lives of people in different countries and on veterans nationwide.

We are seeking student stories to tell the world in 2020. If you’re a current AMU or APU student or alumni, we want to hear from you! We invite you to send us your story for the chance to be selected as one of our featured students.

Tell Us Your Student Stories in 2020

The spirit of our university comes from our amazing student body and alumni community. We love that our students and alumni are purpose-driven, and you may inspire others to accomplish their goals by being a part of our community.

If selected, your story may be featured in:

  • Media (e.g., video, photos, print and Web)
  • University publications
  • Testimonial advertisements
  • Public relations opportunities (e.g., quotes or interviews for external media)

Help us to find more great voices within the university community, and submit your story today!

For more information, visit the FAQ section on our Student Stories submission form or email mystory@apus.edu.

Susan Hoffman is a Managing Editor at Edge, whose articles have appeared in multiple publications. Susan is known for her expertise in blogging, social media, SEO, and content analytics, and she is also a book reviewer for Military History magazine. She has a B.A. cum laude in English from James Madison University and an undergraduate certificate in electronic commerce from American Public University.

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