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By Wes O’Donnell
Managing Editor, AMU Edge

Did I mention it’s completely free?

Last year, the Space Education and Strategic Applications Conference (SESA), co-organized by the American Public University System and the Policy Studies Organization, brought space pioneers, government officials, academics and hundreds of attendees together online to discuss the future of space strategy.

This year marks the second annual SESA conference and it’s shaping up to be better than ever. SESA brings together space influencers, innovators, groundbreakers, and decision-makers within all areas of the space community – astronauts, astrobiologists, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, educators, associations, and policymakers.

For space enthusiasts, this conference, taking place September 23 – 24, 2021, is completely free of charge and held online. Register before the deadline of September 10!

This year’s program will include two keynote speakers: NASA Astronaut Eileen Collins and President of Pioneer Astronautics Robert Zubrin.

Col. Collins

Col. Collins became the first female to pilot a U.S. spacecraft with the Discovery shuttle flight in 1995, and the first female commander on the 1999 Columbia shuttle flight. Her planned speech is titled “Through the Glass Ceiling to the Stars” and reveals encouraging perspective and insights on the leadership skills needed to break barriers and become a successful pioneer in your field.

Robert Zubrin

Robert Zubrin is president of Pioneer Astronautics, an aerospace R&D company located in Lakewood, Colorado. He is also the founder and President of the Mars Society. Formerly a Staff Engineer at Lockheed Martin Astronautics in Denver, he holds a master’s degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics, and a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Washington. Zubrin is the author of 20 patents and over 200 published technical and non-technical papers in the field of space exploration and technology. His keynote speech “The Case for Space: The Revolution is at Hand” promises to inspire tomorrow’s space explorers.

But that’s not all. SESA also boasts symposia discussions, panel sessions, workshops, and roundtables from some of the world’s top industry thought leaders.

Listed below are some of the incredible programs:

Space Law and Education: Future-Proofing our Curriculum

Chair: Michelle WattsAmerican Public University System

The Role of the Commercial Sector in US Governmental Space Activities

Therese JonesSenior Director of PolicySatellite Industry Association

Private Sector Visionaries are the Way Forward

Gary DeelAmerican Public University System

The Legal and Ethical Issues of Space Flight Participants: Exploring the Realm of Space Tourism in the United States

Mark KelsoAmerican Public University System

Futurism: Legal Topics in the 21st Century

James Barney and Allison BeckerAmerican Public University System

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Space and STEM Careers

Kelvin ColemanDeputy Associate, Federal Aviation Administration, Commercial Space Transportation

National and International Space Law: An Overview

Chris JohnsonSecure World Foundation

The Braided River Model for STEM Workforce Development

Rebecca BatchelorUniversity of Colorado

Hendratta AliFort Hays State University

Kathryn Gardner-VandyOklahoma State University

Drone and Space Technologies: The Intersection of Engineering, Science, and Education

Kandis Boyd-WyattAmerican Public University System

Stevenson DemorcyCEO, STEAMedDrones

NASA’s Strategic Partnerships

Chair: Gregory ClementsMission Directorate Liaison – HEO (Detailee), NASA Office of the Chief Technologist

Max Briggs, iTech Program Executive and Entrepreneur Engagement Lead, NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate

Dionne Hernandez-Lugo, Technology Utilization Lead, NASA Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate

Nicole Rayl, Chief Technologist for NASA Science Mission Directorate

Ken WrightInnovation Lead, NASA Office of the Chief Technologist

Democratizing Access to Space and Space Sustainability

Randa MillironCEO, Interorbital Systems

Krystal Azelton, Director of Space Application Programs, Secure World Foundation

Dramatizing the “Invisible Infrastructure” of Space and Satellite

Robert BellExecutive Director, Space & Satellite Professionals International

Sharyn NerembergSenior Director, Corporate Communications, Hugues Network Systems

Education, Space Operations, and Policy

Lesley ConnSenior Manager, Research & Analysis, The Space Foundation

TBD: 3 speakers

Engagement with Social Issues through Science Fiction

Beyond Science Fiction as Entertainment: Why Every English Department Should Offer Science Fiction

Melissa RigneyAmerican Public University System

The Original Space Explorers: Science Fiction Writers in the Pulp Magazines of the Gernsback Years

Batya WeinbaumAmerican Public University System

The Scully Effect: The X-Files and Women in STEM

Jolene MendelAmerican Public University System

Science and Survival in the Sci Fi of Indigenous Writers

Susan Lowman-ThomasAmerican Public University System

Misogyny on Mars: the Gendered Space Culture of 2021

Layla S. MartinHarvard University

Adam MannUniversity of California, Berkeley

Teaching Space Education

Chair: Elizabeth KennickPresident, Teachers In Space, Inc.

Hasshi SudlerVillanova University

Chris MurphyGloversville NY High School and High Altitude Achievement

Joe LatrellCEO, Mini-Cubes, LLC

Stephanie HofacketAssociate Director of Teaching and Learning, Challenger Center, Las Cruces

Kendra Tooleformer Launch Engineer at Blue Origin, SpaceX, ATK

Chas MillerSpaceport Engineer, Spaceport America

Barbie BucknerEducation Specialist, NASA

Space Power and Security in the 21st Century

Space Race 2.0 Between the US and China: Strategic Implications for Space Security

Kenneth WootenAmerican Military University

Preventing an Arms Race in Outer Space: Historical and Current Trends in Space Weaponization

Lauren BuchananRice University

Russian Power Competition in Space: Implications for the US

Mark A. DureeAmerican Military University

Deterrence in Outer Space: Securing The Next Frontier

Angel SmithRice University

Towards a Theory of Space Power and the Threat to US Space Hegemony

James J. RooneyAmerican Military University

Space for Everyone: A Panel for Students and Young Professionals, by Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)

Ryan UdellSEDS, Director of External Affairs

Ian BurrellSEDS-USA Chair

Harper CheyenneSEDS-USA Vice Chair

Anthony RazzoSEDS-USA Member at Large

Nicole ChaseSEDS-USA Director of Projects

Space and Life Cycle Assessments: Integrating ISO 14040

Shelia Scott NeumannAmerican Public University System

Andrew Ross WilsonAdvanced Space Concepts Laboratory, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow 

Science and Elitism

Layla MartinHarvard University

Lamar GloverCalifornia State University, Dominguez Hills 

Telecommunications in Space

STEM Educational Outreach with the AMSAT CubeSatSim: A Low Cost Satellite Simulator

Alan B. JohnstonKU2Y, Villanova University, AMSAT Vice President for Educational Relations

Novel Electromagnetic and Antenna Concepts for the Next Generation Space Enterprise

Yahya Rahmat-SamiiUniversity of California, Los Angeles

Satellite Communication Technical Study at STEM School of American Public University System

Richard MoazzamAmerican Public University System

Opportunities in the Space Sector for non-STEM Professionals

Nicholas BorrozRotoiti, University of Auckland 

Introduction to a New APUS Concentration in Human Factors in Space Systems Design

Space Studies (STEM) Program Educating a Diverse and Expert Space Workforce

Ed Albin and J.D. PolkAmerican Public University System

The Exploration Environments

Kristen MillerAmerican Public University System

Human Factors in Space Systems Design

Arnauld NicogossianAmerican Public University System and George Mason University

Commercial and Military Space: Contributions to Human Presence in Space

Arnauld NicogossianAmerican Public University System and George Mason University

Systems Engineering for Future Human Settlements: Moon,Mars, and Asteroids

Ed Albin, American Public University System 

Exploring the Intersection Between Science, Technology, Education, and Policy: A Review and Analysis of the Existing Literature

Emily A. FogartyAmerican Public University System 

Early Biden Administration Space Force Policymaking

Bert ChapmanPurdue University

Creative Minds Pushing Scientific Boundaries

David BeckerAmerican Public University System

Jaclyn FowlerAmerican Public University System 

Space Regulatory Regime: Past, Present, and Future

Charles Lee Mudd Jr.Principal and Attorney, Mudd Law

Andy WilliamsExternal Relations Officer, Executive Office of the Director-General, European Southern Observatory

Giuliana RotolaSGAC Space Law and Policy Project Group Co-Lead 

Space Economic Policy Analysis

Tim Chrisman, Co-FounderExecutive Director, Foundation for the Future

Tina Highfill, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

Kevin O’Connellformer Director, Office of Space Commerce

Cybersecurity in Space

The Inextricable Interwovenness of Cyber, Energy, and National Security

Andre SlonopasAmerican Public University System

Protecting Space Capabilities: Securing Our Advantage in the Tactical Battlespace

Brad. E RhodesLTC(P), CY, G6, 76th ORC

Cybersecurity in Space: Threats and Governance

P.J. BlountExecutive Secretary, International Institute of Space Law

Building Capacity in Space Law: An American Experience

Mark J. Sundhal, Global Space Law Center, Cleveland State University

Steven Robinson, Global Space Law Center, Cleveland State University

Hailey Hillsman, Global Space Law Center, Cleveland State University

Scott Parry, Global Space Law Center, Cleveland State University 

Earth to SESA: Connecting Earth Sciences to Space Studies in Higher Education

Chair: Kristin DrexlerEnvironmental Science and Planetary Sustainability, American Public University System

Lorenza Cooper, Atmospheric Sciences, Weather, and Climate, American Public University System

DeNeice Guest, Geology, Geomorphology, and Mineral Exploration, American Public University System

Jim Myers: Geography, GIS, and Remote Rensing, American Public University System 

Wes O'Donnell

Wes O’Donnell is an Army and Air Force veteran and writer covering military and tech topics. As a sought-after professional speaker, Wes has presented at U.S. Air Force Academy, Fortune 500 companies, and TEDx, covering trending topics from data visualization to leadership and veterans’ advocacy. As a filmmaker, he directed the award-winning short film, “Memorial Day.”

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