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Rebuilding Officer Resiliency: Free Online Treatment Guide

First responders are under constant stress and can find it difficult to turn off their “fight or flight” response mode, even when in the comfort of their own homes. Research shows first responders are TWICE more likely to die by their own hand than those in other professions – and it’s believed that due to underreporting, the true suicide rate is actually much higher.

American Military University, in collaboration with PoliceOne and CorrectionsOne, created this free treatment guide that aims to break down barriers and provide information about what is involved with seeking professional help. The articles are written by highly regarded experts who have dedicated their careers to helping those who help others.

In the following pages you will read about proven and effective forms of treatment; the power of integrative therapies; concerns involving confidentiality and medication; and how to protect your family and loved ones from secondary trauma.

No matter how bad things are or how long you’ve been hurting, finding relief is possible. Our hope is that this periodical will provide the information you need to take the next step towards asking for help.

To download AMU’s Rebuilding Officer Resiliency: A Treatment Guide, please fill out the form below:

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