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Ready to Start Your Degree? AMU Advisors Support You Every Step of the Way

By Glynn Cosker
Edge Contributor

As more and more colleges and universities turn to online learning, there is a lot that you can do on your own to navigate your educational roadmap. However, there may be a few questions and concerns along the way to attaining your degree, and that is where American Military University’s academic advisors enter the picture.

Some students are perfectly capable of completing a four-year online degree without ever contacting an advisor – and that is perfectly acceptable, of course – but for others, knowing that there is someone there to communicate with is important and invaluable.

So, if you’re considering undertaking one of AMU’s more than 200 degree programs, know in advance that you will always have an advocate who’s there to help you.

AMU Academic Advisors Are Here to Help

As stated on AMU’s website, “The goal of Academic Advising is to partner with enrolled students to provide clear guidance, answers, and resources to help you achieve academic success.”

Each member of AMU’s academic advising team has the same target in mind as every student: the achievement of academic success. Advisors assist – every step of the way – by offering students access to various tools, resources and services.

Advice Sought, Credits Gained

And I speak from experience. I am also a current AMU student*, and I’ve sought help many times from our Academic Advisors. Seeking their assistance has enriched my experience, gained me credits and brought me closer to my goal of attaining my degree.

As a student, your relationship with an academic advisor begins with something as easy as a quick call, an email or even a live-chat session, and AMU’s Academic Advising Department is always happy to help.

With so many choices, sometimes choosing a degree and concentrations can be a little daunting. It’s a good challenge to have because the academic advisors are there from day one. They have a great depth of knowledge to share about all the programs you’re considering and the industries or disciplines to which they map.

So, if you’re unsure of your academic degree plan, don’t fret. Your advisor will often ask some far-reaching questions of you and will dig deep into what you ultimately want to achieve – but that’s their job and they enjoy doing it. They want to pair you with the right program for your unique goals and set you up for academic success.  

Course Materials, Course Loads, Academic Records and More

At AMU, academic advisors can offer advice on:

  • Which classes to take for the program
  • Mapping out your academic degree plan – including the best major for you
  • Reviewing and understanding academic records
  • The best way to schedule your course load for optimum time management
  • Transferring credits from your previous university or college
  • AMU’s online library and other valuable resources on the university’s online campus

At AMU, students can contact their academic advisor anytime throughout the course of an academic program.

The student/advisor relationship at AMU is a rewarding source of motivation because each party has one main objective: your successful degree completion.

Learn more about AMU’s Academic Advising, including how and when to contact an advisor.

*Please note: The author of this article is both a student and an employee at American Public Education, Inc. American Public University and American Military University are part of the accredited American Public University System, which is wholly owned by APEI, Inc.

Glynn Cosker is a Managing Editor at AMU Edge. In addition to his background in journalism, corporate writing, web and content development, Glynn served as Vice Consul in the Consular Section of the British Embassy located in Washington, D.C. Glynn is located in New England.

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