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Protecting Secrets and the Future for Hillary Clinton

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(HSToday) Few, if any, Americans are unaware of the circumstances surrounding the question of whether or not presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton committed serious crimes bordering on treason. Few, if any, Americans additionally have no opinion on the subject, and, fewer still, are completely unconcerned.

hillary clinton emails
US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

This is good, because as Americans, we have an obligation to know, to care, to form educated opinions, and, in light of the fact that we all have an obligation to vote or support a candidate, we should all try to understand and know as much as possible about those who may lead us.

Asking questions and trying to understand what Hillary Clinton did based upon the accusations is not being salacious or prying or condemning — it is being informed. And it’s  our obligation as American citizens.

The accusations against Hillary involve sharing classified information with unauthorized individuals using non-secure methods of communicating classified information. If these allegations are proven true, then she lied to federal authorities about it. Furthermore, she’s accused of violating the non-disclosure agreements she signed in order to view the highest level of classified materials in the first place.

Hillary’s responses or defenses, depending on your point of view, are that she never sent anything classified, that she never sent anything that was classified at the time she sent it, or that the “vast right wing conspiracy” has reassembled and launched an attack on her.

Analyzing these events, factoring in politics, it is possible to put forth a few scenarios as to what may happen relative these issues. To begin with, it should be noted that the investigation into these matters is being undertaken by the FBI’s national security division. I say “investigation,” even though Clinton’s staff was successful in convincing a major news organization to redact the word “investigation” and substitute the word “inquiry” because the fact is, the FBI doesn’t involve themselves at this level for an … “inquiry.” Like it or not, this is an investigation.

Additionally, in continuing the spin on this story, her staff indicated the FBI is only interested in how much information may have been hacked — by other nations — and not whether criminal charges should be brought. The question of “how much classified information has been lost to our enemies” is a counterintelligence issue pursued by intelligence agencies. Alhough I am sure they are also looking into the matter, again, the FBI does investigations, not inquiries.

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