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Preventing a Cyberattack: A Guide to Cyber Readiness

Losing critical data such as customer information, proprietary intellectual property, or industry-related operational details can be devastating to an organization. That’s why it’s so important for business leaders to implement strong cybersecurity measures, enhance the training of their employees, and prepare contingency plans so the organization can operate even if its systems or data are compromised.

American Military University created this free publication to assist business leaders in enhancing their cybersecurity measures. It is the responsibility of leaders to understand their organization’s most valuable assets—the information most likely to be targeted by hackers—and how hackers are likely to penetrate its networks.

Executives don’t need to be IT experts. Instead, they must know how to effectively communicate with their IT departments, better understand the challenges IT personnel face, and ask the right questions. Most importantly, leaders must prioritize implementing training to ensure their employees are cyber-conscious and know how they might be targeted by hackers.

We hope the information in this publication provides insight into current cybersecurity issues and helps all readers better understand their role in protecting their organizations from cyberattacks.

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