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Podcast Series: Investigating the Murder of Rebekah Gould

Murder of Rebekah Gould

Listen to the first six episodes of Season 1 of “Break the Case” to learn about the investigation into the murder of Rebekah Gould.
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EP01 | Investigating the Murder of Rebekah Gould

In September 2004, 22-year-old college student Rebekah Gould was murdered near Melbourne, Arkansas. In the first episode, learn about the evidence in this cold case from Jennifer Bucholtz, a criminal justice and forensic science professor at American Military University, who has spent months reviewing and analyzing the facts of this unsolved murder. View the transcript.

EP02 | On-the-Ground Investigation Sheds Light on Rebekah’s Murder

In the second episode, gain a local perspective about the area where Rebekah Gould was murdered in 2004. Hear what Jennifer Bucholtz learned during her trip to Arkansas and the likely route the killer took between the house where Rebekah was killed and the site where her body was left. Also hear from journalist and true-crime author, George Jared, who was part of the original search party for Rebekah’s body and has since written many articles about her unsolved murder. View the transcript.

EP03 | What Does the Killer’s Actions Tell Us about their Identity?

In episode three, Jennifer Bucholtz outlines a behavioral analysis profile of Rebekah Gould’s killer. Learn how the killer’s actions such as killing Rebekah while two dogs were likely in the house, cleaning up the murder scene, and removing her body from the primary crime scene, tells investigators about the type of person who committed this crime. View the transcript.

EP04 | What Weapon Was Used to Kill Rebekah?

What, specifically, caused Rebekah Gould’s death? In the fourth episode, Jennifer Bucholtz analyzes the findings detailed in Rebekah’s autopsy report to better understand her injuries. Learn how Jen recreated Rebekah’s injuries in order to determine how many times Rebekah was struck with a blunt object, the order in which those blows were delivered, the probable size and shape of the weapon, and other critical details. View the transcript.

EP05 | Could Circumstantial Evidence Lead to a Conviction?

In the fifth episode, Jennifer Bucholtz shares her list of circumstantial evidence that she’s uncovered and who it points to as the most likely suspect. Learn about the establishment of a $25,000 reward fund and other developments–and roadblocks–in this case. View the transcript.

EP06 | ARREST: How Crowdsourcing Contributed to Arrest in Rebekah Gould Case

After 16 years as an unsolved cold case, an arrest was finally made in the murder of Rebekah Gould. In this episode, Jennifer Bucholtz and George Jared talk about the arrest of William Miller, the first cousin of Rebekah’s boyfriend. Hear how William connected with Jennifer and George through their investigative Facebook group and the tips they received about his involvement. View the transcript.

Listen to Episode 07: A Look Back at the Rebekah Gould Investigation

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