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Rebekah Gould


In this episode, gain a local perspective about the area where Rebekah Gould was murdered in 2004. Hear what Jennifer Bucholtz discovered during her trip to Arkansas regarding the likely route the killer drove between crime scenes. This episode also features journalist and true-crime author, George Jared, who was part of the original search party for Rebekah’s body.

In September 2004, 22-year-old college student Rebekah Gould was murdered. Her case remains unsolved. In the first episode of this five-part podcast series, learn about the evidence in this cold case from Jennifer Bucholtz, a criminal justice and forensic science professor at American Military University, who has spent months reviewing and analyzing the facts of this unsolved murder.

By Jennifer Bucholtz

What does a firsthand look at the victim’s autopsy report reveal about the cold case murder of Rebekah Gould? In this installment of the series, find out what the chilling details about Rebekah’s injuries tell us about her final moments and the killer who took them from her.