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North Africa

By Aaron Richman
Tam-C native Arab language miners have come across a threat made by Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) on Algeria and Morocco.

The threat was posted on a site known for AQIM postings and warns Muslims not to go to official centers, police stations, or military barracks because they will be the target of attacks. The Islamic Militant group has been targeting the government facilities because of its continued fight against terrorism and non-Islamic government. There has been a rise in the number and quality of the attacks in Algeria and Morocco has been on high alert for the past two weeks.
Because of the AQIM’s presence in southern European countries with North African immigrants, this alert is also applicable to southern European cities.
Al-Qaeda operatives in Algeria and Morocco have been under constant chase by local police. Past experiences will teach us that attacks are usually multiple and simultaneous, and use truck or car bombs by suicide bombers.
TAM-C recommends all western interests, specifically oil related, heighten security measures and force protection regulations. The threat included attempts at toppling buildings possibly by large truck bombs.

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