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More on the Multiple Terror Plots against the U.S.

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By William Tucker
CIA Director Leon Panetta and National Security Adviser Jim Jones recently traveled to Pakistan to discuss the threat posed by the Pakistani Taliban to the U.S. homeland. For those that follow the In Homeland Security blog and the readers from my former World of Terrorism blog you will likely recognize the ongoing threat posed to U.S. interests from Pakistani militants that I have discussed in the past. In regard to my past statements on the Pakistani Taliban it appears as if the recent trend in reporting and information being leaked by the U.S. government seems to validate my earlier analysis. The volume of threats posed to the U.S. homeland has been steadily increasing since last fall and show no signs of abating. The U.S. has been relatively fortunate that the attempted terror plots directed against American cities has been rather amateurish; however it is only a matter of time before someone gets it right. Because of the strain that has been put on the U.S. security establishment the need for the vigilance of the American citizenry cannot be understated.
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