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Military Spouse Appreciation: APU Offers Veteran Pins

By Glynn Cosker
EDGE Staff

Coinciding with National Military Spouse Appreciation Day (May 7, 2021), American Public University (APU) has launched a brand-new merchandise series of veteran and military spouse pins.

The pins are available to all APU-affiliated military veterans and spouses for free via a new Honor Shop portal within the University’s regular APU Campus Store.

These custom-designed items, representing each military branch, commemorate each recipient’s service to our country, his or her affiliation with APU, and the unwavering support received from military spouses.

The attractive pins feature the word “Veteran” alongside the APU logo and include either Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard – when applicable – the designation of “spouse.”

National Military Spouse Appreciation Day is a presidentially approved holiday that is celebrated on the Friday before Mother’s Day. This special day was first recognized by President Ronald Reagan in April 1984 when he declared:

“Throughout the years, as the numbers of our married men and women in uniform have grown and as their military missions have become more complex and dispersed, their spouses have made countless personal sacrifices to support the Armed Forces. In many instances, they subordinated their personal and professional aspirations to the greater benefit of the service family. Responding to the call of duty, they frequently endured long periods of separation or left familiar surroundings and friends to reestablish their homes in distant places.”

A proclamation honoring National Military Spouse Appreciation Day is normally made by the sitting U.S. President in recognition of the holiday.

If you are a veteran or a military spouse affiliated with APU as either a current student, alumni, faculty member, or staff member, you are eligible to receive one pin – adorned with your military branch affiliation from APU’s Honor Shop now.

Glynn Cosker is a Managing Editor at AMU Edge. In addition to his background in journalism, corporate writing, web and content development, Glynn served as Vice Consul in the Consular Section of the British Embassy located in Washington, D.C. Glynn is located in New England.

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