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Military Dependent and Spouse Education Programs That You May Not Know About

by James Thompson
Special to In Military Education

Years ago when I was accepted into graduate school I was first overcome with excitement—followed by panic. How was I going to pay for it all? I knew I had to leave my gainful employment to move to Southern California in order to focus and get fully immersed in my studies. But living and going to school in a big city like Los Angeles was going to leave me broke and in debt. Despite having saved money and put in for financial aid, the numbers weren’t adding up.

That’s when I became aware of a little-known Spouse and Dependents Education Assistance Program, which provides training or financial assistance resources to eligible children of veterans whom paid the ultimate sacrifice or became disabled as the result of a service-oriented disability. My father, a retired and disabled Navy aviator informed me about the program. I did a little research, filled out an application by snail mail, and received small monthly stipend. It meant the world to me. Rather than just Top Ramon, I could eat a few balanced meals and only had to live with one roommate instead of five. I’m always grateful for that opportunity. It helped me make the most of my education.

Today, after the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, there are many military sons and daughters who are ready to move on to higher education, but have endured the loss or disability of a parent. Unfortunately, this sometimes also leads to the loss or diminishment of family income needed to pay for tuition. That’s why the VA offers this great program and encourages qualified dependents to find out more.


As for qualified military spouses, there’s also a helpful assistance program that offers a maximum benefit of $4,000 with a fiscal year cap of $2,000 that can be applied to education (associate degrees), certification, licensure, and training to prepare for a high-growth or high-demand occupation. It’s called the Military Spouse Career Advancement Account Program (MyCAA) and is offered by the Department of Defense.

Military families make many sacrifices; the resources needed to fulfill a degree shouldn’t have to be one of them. If you think you may qualify, don’t lose out on the opportunity and find out more about these programs today.

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