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Less is More: Announcing the NEW

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At (IME), we may have dropped the “E” but we’re bringing you a whole lot more. On behalf of American Military University, we’re proud to unveil our new site, Over the past few months, you’ve probably noticed many upgrades to our newly branded site designed “for military, by military.” With a fresh image format, faster loading, better mobile responsiveness, and our now daily e-newsletters— our new site is turning heads and gaining loyal readers. But we’re more than just about looks. We’re about the heart, which for any great site, is providing great content that readers want.

With feedback from our extended community of military veterans, reservists, and active-duty personnel, the time felt right to expand our coverage in addition to education. Why? At its core, InMilitary is determined to provide value for everyone connected to our Armed Forces community. And education is not the only way we seek to better ourselves—it’s an important part of a never-ending journey for us as lifelong learners who seek learning and insights both within and beyond the classroom.

It’s my sincere hope that as you explore our new offerings that you’ll get involved by posting feedback, liking us on Facebook, or sharing what we’ve built for you with your colleagues and family. While many of our original readers subscribed to keep up with education trends, don’t worry, we’ll continue to provide outstanding coverage on the topic—and then some.

There’s nothing you need to do other than maybe update your browser’s bookmarks, enjoy our new and improved InMilitary. Having one less word in the URL may not seem like a big change, but we hope you’ll agree that, in this case, less truly is more.


11070602_811985435521907_874154945029112655_oWes O’Donnell, Managing Editor,

Wes O’Donnell is an Army and Air Force veteran and writer covering military and tech topics. As a sought-after professional speaker, Wes has presented at U.S. Air Force Academy, Fortune 500 companies, and TEDx, covering trending topics from data visualization to leadership and veterans’ advocacy. As a filmmaker, he directed the award-winning short film, “Memorial Day.”

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