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Israel Warns of Terror Attacks in the Sinai

By William Tucker
sinai-750.jpgThe Israeli prime minister’s anti-terror office issued a statement today urging all Israelis to leave the Sinai Peninsula immediately because of credible information regarding attempts by terrorists to kidnap Israeli citizens. The PM’s anti-terror office has a standing warning against visiting the Sinai; however many Israeli’s simply choose to ignore their government on this issue. The Sinai is usually a hotbed of terrorist activity by Palestinian groups and other anti-Israeli militants, and as such we should take this warning seriously as the Sinai is a popular tourist destination for many westerners.
In 2004, the Tala Hilton Hotel, a popular resort for Israeli and western tourists, was attacked by Palestinian militants resulting in 34 dead and many injured. With tensions between Palestinians and Israeli increasing as of late it is possible that the most radical of the Palestinian movement may choose to attack tourist destinations again. Furthermore, the Egyptian government has had its hands full with Hezbollah terror cells operating on the peninsula as well. In the near future the political environment in Egypt will be a cause of concern because of upcoming elections and an aging President it is possible that political instability could become a real issue in the region.
Map credit: National Geographic

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