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Iraq Report: Conditions ‘grave and deteriorating’

released a statement following his meeting with the Wednesday, saying that the report “gives a tough assessment on the situation in Iraq” and that he plans to “take every proposal seriously.”
Calling the “grave and deteriorating” in their report, the group cautions that there’s no clear path to success in this situation, but there’s definite room for improvement.
Click here to read the report: The Way Forward
Watch or listen to congressional testimony on the report.
(source: C-SPAN)

Some recommendations found in the report:

  • By the first quarter of 2008, all combat brigades not necessary for force protection could be out of Iraq
  • A renewed commitment to a “two-state solution for Israel and Palestine
  • Iraq’s neighbors should be brought to together for a regional conference
    The much-anticipated report from the 10-member, nonpartisan group is receiving mix sentiments around the blogsphere. Everything from “Where’s the Outrage?” to “How an Advisory Commision Should Have Been Conducted
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