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In Homeland Security Gets Even Better

As an In Homeland Security (IHS) reader, we hope you have enjoyed the recent changes we have made to our site to broaden our reach and provide you with relevant, timely news and insights to the events affecting our world – overseas and here at home. Here is a breakdown of the brand new IHS:

  • A new visual format with faster responsiveness for mobile viewing and social sharing
  • More original content and analysis from HS experts
  • Additional up-to-date articles from premium sources
  • New daily newsletters (Monday to Friday) for our subscribers

We also entered into an exclusive content-sharing partnership with HSToday, and we were featured in Breitbart Texas, The Washington Post, and Huffington Post. If that wasn’t enough, international media pundit Sylvia Longmire joined our outstanding list of contributors this month. That is some good company to keep, which is why I am proud to unveil our new IHS emblem and branding.

We made all of these collective upgrades because we are committed to delivering informative analysis and breaking news that keeps you in the know, whether you are currently studying homeland security, already working in the field, or just keeping up with current events. If you are currently working – or aspire to work – in homeland security, the military, law enforcement, intelligence or another related fields – I’d like to thank you for your service on behalf of American Military University.

Thank you also for being a loyal reader of IHS. The changes we have made were for you, but they have also turned heads. Since July 2015, we have increased our viewership by more than 600 percent by offering outstanding coverage as one of the primary sites reporting and analyzing trending homeland security topics affecting national and global security.

Thank you again for being the most important part of our mission, and I hope you enjoy our site.

Glynn Cosker
Managing Editor, In Homeland Security

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