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How Does the Iraq War Affect Me?

By John Cote MSSI, CPP
Many people watch the headlines and see all the carnage in Iraq, but do not make the association of how that war is affecting them. The radical Islamists in Iraq are learning how to fight the worlds most advanced and well equipped military. Each day they engage our troops over there they learn more about our fighting tactics and strategy. Iraq has become the world’s largest terrorist training ground in the world.

Radical Islamists are traveling from all four corners of the earth in order to get battle tested against the US Military. Yes, we may have closed down the training camps in Afghanistan but we are providing for them the best training ever in Iraq. Oh and by the way, those training camps in Afghanistan are now in new parts of Afghanistan.
How are the terrorists learning? They have learned by setting off an explosion at the main entrance to a building they can cause enough disorientation to allow a second attacker to make their way even further into the compound by way of mingling with the chaos all around. With everyone running in all directions, they send in a second suicide bomber to penetrate even further into the protected facility. This scenario has played itself our on several occasions in Iraq.
This and other techniques, which the terrorists are perfecting in Iraq, can be very easily transplanted here in the US. This is my fear. Our home police organizations need to prepare for such contingencies. We need to ramp up our training of local police forces so that they are ready when the war comes to our shores. The police forces need to be trained all of them not just special weapons teams. Chances are your local police officer will be the one who will be the first person on the scene of a terrorist attack.
The answer to the question I posed in the title of this article is this, What is happening in Iraq will most likely affect us in the US by bringing a better trained terrorist force against our local police force when the time comes. We need to prepare ourselves now.

John Cote is a terrorism and security analyst currently living in the Czech Republic. Cote holds a master’s degree in Strategic Intelligence from American Military University.

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