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Hezbollah Operative Arrested in Mexico

By William Tucker
The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Seyassah reported today that Mexican officials have stopped an attempt by Hezbollah to set up shop in the country. The reported focus of the investigation was Jameel Nasr who was arrested at his home in Tijuana where he was under surveillance by Mexican police for some time. Nasr was allegedly using Mexican nationals with ties to Lebanon as the foundation for his cell. The report states that the cell was to be used to target the West, but criminal undertakings would seem more likely.
Hezbollah may be a terrorist group, but it is also a political and criminal organization. The group has a presence in over one hundred countries which help facilitate criminal activities such as smuggling and drug running. Hezbollah drug production facilities are typically located in the Bekaa valley where hashish and other drugs are manufactured. It comes as no surprise that this report stated that the new cell was trying to make contact with one of Mexico’s drug cartels. Mexico has a lot to offer a movement such as Hezbollah and we should look for more attempts at infiltration in the future.

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