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Here’s to the Heroes of South Florida

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We’ve previously explored the often uneasy relationship between folks whose job it is to protect the public, and senior political leadership that doesn’t give a damn about their responsibilities. Here are some examples:

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As the old saying goes, “When you’re up to your ass in alligators, it’s difficult to remember that your original objective was to drain the swamp.”

That quote contains massive levels of meaning, and is applicable to more situations than one can imagine, but for these purposes, let’s consider two:

First would be Florida Governor Rick Scott, who is becoming so literally up to his ass in [link url=”″ title=”rising sea waters“] that he should be dealing with on behalf of the citizens of his state; but instead is so completely [link url=”” title=”committed to climate change denial“] that he can’t tell what’s a swamp and what’s an alligator.

Second then, would be a [link url=”” title=”couple of Florida mayors“] who still have their attitude on straight about protecting and serving the public. Also, [link url=”” title=”other political leaders throughout South Florida“] are pursuing action as quickly and effectively as they can manage. They all are equally immersed in their own rising waters, but they at least can tell the swamp (climate change and rising sea levels) from the alligators (state and federal government climate deniers).

So as we’ve celebrated the [link url=”” title=”Heroes of Flint“] in the past–and as we’ve documented extensively they’re certainly not getting any help from their state government; let’s now give a shout out to the Heroes of South Florida, who are also laboring to do their jobs in a moral and ethical manner despite enormous opposition and neglect from above.

Just imagine what might be possible if everyone were on the same team.

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