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Free Syrian Army Command Moves to Syria

By William Tucker

On the 22nd of this month the Commander-in-Chief of the Free Syrian Army stated that the leadership of the group will move from Turkey into opposition controlled areas of Syria. The move may represent confidence that the opposition has in its ability to fight the Syrian regime, but it may also represent an attempt by the leadership council to bring the disparate elements of the Syrian opposition under more centralized control. As the fight against Syrian president Bashir al-Assad has drug on, many different opposition figures and groups have emerged. This has complicated the support for the insurgency from neighboring Arab states and some western powers. The move by the FSA leadership may yet rectify the problem of leadership, or at least help in that regard, but it also carries significant risk. Thus far the Syrian regime has refrained from being overly aggressive in targeting opposition leadership abroad, however with the FSA leadership operating within the country they then become more accessible to regime forces. Either way this announcement is certainly interesting and worth noting as the fight for control of Syria continues.

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