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Fighting for the Victims of Unsolved Crimes with Bill Thomas

Editor’s Note: This is the seventh episode in Season 3 of Break the Case. Listen to the first episode.

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When a case goes unsolved for years, law enforcement agencies often reduce the investigative resources dedicated to it.

Even as evidence-testing technology has improved dramatically, the rate of unsolved murders continues to climb to crisis levels. With estimates of 280,000 unsolved homicides across the country, something must change systematically to force renewed investigative attention and resources towards these unsolved cases.

However, what it often takes is persistent and relentless family members.

Bill Thomas, co-host of “Mind Over Murder” and victim-advocate. Image used with permission.

In this special episode, Jen and George talk to victim-advocate and popular podcast host, Bill Thomas. His sister, Cathy, was one of the Colonial Parkway murders in Virginia. Her case has gone unsolved for 35 years. Bill is the co-host of Mind Over Murder, a popular true-crime podcast, where he promotes victim advocacy among many things.

During his interview with Jen and George he shares his first-hand experience having to fight for more law enforcement attention and resources. If family members don’t continuously hound investigators and work to draw media and public attention, little progress is often made in the case.

Like Bill, Linda Malcom’s family was changed forever by her murder. Hear how he’s worked to find balance and light in the midst of such darkness, remained vigilant that police work her case, and maintained never-ending hope that his sister’s case will be solved.

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Jennifer Bucholtz

Jennifer Bucholtz is a former U.S. Army Counterintelligence Agent and a decorated veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. She holds a bachelor of science in criminal justice, a master of arts in criminal justice and a master of science in forensic sciences. Bucholtz has an extensive background in U.S. military and Department of Defense counterintelligence operations. Bucholtz has also worked for the Arizona Department of Corrections and Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in New York City. She is currently an adjunct faculty member and teaches courses in criminal justice and forensic sciences. Additionally, she is a sworn civilian investigator for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department and host of AMU’s investigative podcast Break the Case. You can contact her at

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